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Trail Bike 70cc and 90cc...
Finally!  - A quality Reproduction! Trail Bike
      Through extensive research and development, we bring to you what we believe to be the finest Trail Bike in the world. From our riders to you, our Retro Motors Trail Bike is finest in quality we have ever produced. The Trail bike of choice; made of superior metals, durable and built to last for generations. - Ask about our lifetime parts warranty now available for only $385.00

       Do you long for the good old days?? Like to relax when you ride the trails? Just when you thought the classic attitude was gone we brought the old flavor of the 1970's!!! Don't settle for a used old junker and spend hundreds upon hundreds to restore. Now you can have a new Retro Bike BRAND NEW again! Bullet proof tooling with a few awesome improvements over our old design!

     Our new Trail Bike can go most anywhere! This Trail bike is great for off road, camp sites, and exploring trails. Our Trail Bikes are built to withstand the test of time and the toughest trails! Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black!

     Handlebars fold down for easy storage or transportation. Great for RV's Boats and the Pit. Lots of Chrome - Real chrome fenders and accessories. Fantastic bike at a fantastic value!

Our Retro Trail Bike is a classic in itself wrapping all the best into one package. In some countries this off road motorcycle is the only mode of transportation that a family will have so you know that it will last you for many generations.

So What's New?

  • EPA and DOT!!! - New for 2007!!! Easy to license your bike for the road!! *Coming soon - CARB for California Residents!
  • Electric Start - Painstakingly researched new electric start assures is equipped with the new mini-battery for smooth powerful starts every time. Still equipped with manual kick starter on all models. Available for auto or manual clutch.
  • CDI ignition design, replacing points is a thing of the past! Ultra reliable and durable! Now you don't have to worry about breakdowns and adjusting, replacing worn points every 48 hrs of run time! Starts on first kick every time!!
  • 12V system The 6V system has been replaced with new reliable, industry standard 12V system. - Now easy to find bulbs and tune parts.
  • Rear Grab Bar - No more cracked seat pans from lifting when picking up rear end.
  • Rear Luggage Rack - Now you have a place to put your "Stuff"!
  • Contoured Seat - No more sore inner thighs meant for comfort for all day riding. Thicker more solid foam than old seat for heavy riders.
  • Automatic Wet Clutch - Great for new riders! - New smoother design and better clutch materials to last longer.
  • Lowered front fender w/fender flare - Better for street use prevents splashes on riders and engine.
  • Inverted Forks - The late 70's discovered the importance of the inverted fork design and so we kept it! New Super Duty Springs too!
  • Better Warranty - 90 Days Labor, 1 Year on Parts completely takes the guesswork out of buying!
  • Now with better wiring, better welds, better electrical components, better tires, better springs, stronger swing arm, electric start, better fit to finish and much more! SAE DOT Approved lights and signals too!

NEW Trail Bike
New Trail Bike 90 or 110cc
From: $1,395.00

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Retro Trail 70 Colors

PLEASE NOTE! Retro Motors and Blue Cube Logistics are not affiliated in anyway shape or form with Honda Motor company of Japan or American Honda Motor Company, Inc., Suzuki Motor Company, Yamaha Motor Company, or Kawasaki Motorcycle company of Japan.

     Think you may need more power?  The 90cc has plenty for all but if you are one of the rare types we offer the new 110cc Version!  Our factory 110cc engine has a larger head and lots more torque!  The increased torque and HP allows you to put on larger sprockets than the 90cc for higher speeds, more weight capacity and a noticeable difference on hill climbing. 



Check out the new Trevi.  America's newest and hottest and most advanced scooter!!  You won't believe your eyes!


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